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I am a passionate conservationist and artist, Ilex Eco Art is my way of combining these two obsessions into a single entity. My bird box sculptures provide habitat and shelter for wildlife whilst also adding a bit of eye catching art to the garden. Personally, I find being able to bring a functional and living aspect to the works that I create immensely rewarding.


I supposed you could call me an aesthetic environmentalist.


Encouraging wildlife has all sorts of benefits for the garden such as pollination, natural pest control and encouraging other species to visit the garden. This is of course in addition to the pleasure of being able to see wildlife up close and living wild.   

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." - ​Vincent Van Gogh

All of my bird box sculptures and other artworks are available at:



Three hares bird box 1 SMALL
female broad bodied chaser
Bird box 7
Bee Bug Box £49
White rose
Three Hares Bug Box £49
Bee Bug Box £49
Bee Bug Box £49
Fox gloves
Blue flowers
Devon lane
Wild flowers
Devon bluebells

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