Several years ago I was on holiday and found myself on top of a old sea fort roof in Portugal, on top of this roof was some spectacular sculpture by Jose Maria S. Pereira, an artist who I can find virtually nothing about. Most of these sculptures were kinetic and so wh...


Over Xmas I got commissioned to design and produce a three hares bird box, this the result...

The Three Hares are a ancient symbol that can be found all over the world but notably in Devon Churches and along the silk road to China. Available now at my Esty Shop for £38



 My bird boxes are finished! They're a mix of Assyrian and Elven design, I'm going to make them in a range of colours but they're otherwise ready to go!  Avalable now on etsy 


I have had a bird box for ages but fancied creating something that was a little less 'blocky' and had a bit more of an artistic flare to it. This is the prototype for what will soon be a completed piece made in wood with a resin front piece. Updates will be available o...

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